The 2012 richest black man according to Forbes is Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Ali Al Amoudi, replacing the former titleholder AlikoDangote. The Sheikh Al Amoudi has a fortune of $12.3 billion. He is also the richest person in Ethiopia and the second richest man in Saudi Arabia, residing both in Ethiopia and Riyadh as well as various locations in England.

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The Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Ali Al Amoudi began his career in real estate and construction, followed by European and North African oil refinery purchases. Both his business and philanthropic activities cover a vast range of topics at an international level. His business ventures include resources, health, hotels, etc. and he employs tens of thousands of people across his companies. The Sheikh also has a number of investments in Ethiopia. Sheikh Al Amoudi philanthropic contributions include health, sport, cancer research and AIDS awareness.

Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Ali Al Amoudi has been honored for his efforts towards the development of Africa, has anhonourary Doctorate in Philosophy and has been honored within the world of economics.

The sports support given by Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Ali Al Amoudi has recently been extended to women's football.

The Sheikh Al Amoudi is a committed humanitarian, with involvement in many crucial topics across various countries. Al Amoudi is married; his wife Sofia Saleh Al Amoudi is a shareholder in the Sheikh's companies, is a Saudi citizen and they have a daughter called Sarah. The Sheikh appears to be a do-gooder, as shown by his philanthropic efforts.

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