The US Billionaire Bill Gates co-founded the software giant Microsoft with Paul Allen. He is currently the chairman of Microsoft and is the former chief executive. Gates is well known for both his business and philanthropic activities, including his encouragements towards other wealthy business leaders to give generously to charities.

The Microsoft Windows software continues to dominate the market today, 27 years after it was first released to the public. The software is used by many electronic manufacturing companies and has expanded from personal computers to smartphones and tablets, competitively adapting as technologies advance. The only true rival of Microsoft is Macintosh, and there has been a constant battle amongst the diehard fans of each software developer.

Bill Gates rebelled against his parents, who planned for Gates to study law, and instead ventured into computer technologies. Gates has a wife and three children, and seems to be against the idea of allowing his wealth to distort and corrupt his children. He will provide excellent education for them, though he has stated, "I don't think that amount of money would be good for them", while explaining why his children will only be inheriting a small portion of his wealth.

Bill and his wife Melinda Gates conduct a charity foundation, contributing to global health issues including vaccines, HIV / Aids awareness and scientific / medical research, as well as helping with education and poverty issues. Bill Gates has been actively striving to make the world a better place throughout his successful life.

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