The richest man in the West African country of Ghana is Dr Sam Jonah, worth approximately $600 million. As the executive chairman of Jonah Capital, a company with involvement in mineral resources, real estate, agriculture, finance as well as oil and gas. Dr Sam Jonah has also been President of AngloGold Ashanti, a global mining and marketing company, and became the Chief Executive of Ashanti Goldfields at a young age of 36. In this position, Dr Jonah expanded the business immensely, increasing productivity and made history by the company's achievement of becoming the first African company to be listed in the New York Stock Exchange.

Dr Sam Jonah has a history of supporting the Convention People's Party in Ghana, although he claims that he is more concerned with being supportive to Ghana and has no particular motivations regarding politics.

Dr Sam Jonah's higher education was attained in Cornwall and London in England, studying both mining engineering and management, with both a masters and honorary Doctorate of Science. He has also received a number of awards including knighthood by Queen Elizabeth II.

There is vast documentation of Dr Sam Jonah's academic and business achievements, although his personal and family life is fairly guarded from the media. His global activities are the main focus of the writings about Dr Jonah, and he is both a man of his country and of the global economic community.

Dr Sam Jonah's impressive career is an impressive one, with a long list of accomplishments and highly esteemed positions in various companies.

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