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The richest man on Earth in 2012 is Carlos Slim Helu. The Mexican born in 1940 has earnt his $69 billion through communications, technology, finance, retailing, and through his position as chairman and chief executive of a mobile phone carrier named America Movil and a telecommunications company called Telmex. Slim's wife SoumayaDomit died in 1999, after 32 years of marriage. Within this long marriage the couple raised a total of six children.

Carlos Slim Helu also has made investments in tobacco, hotels, copper and aluminum, and various other products. 2010 was the second time Carlos Slim Helu overtook Bill Gates as the wealthier man. Slim also has a philanthropic foundation named FunacionTelmex, which deals with a wide range of issues from education to the justice system.

Despite philanthropic efforts, Slim has been criticized for his wealth, as Mexico has a high poverty rate. It is thought that Telmex has monopolised the landline telecommunications market.

Carlos Slim Helu has worked in esteemed positions in the Mexican Stock Exchange, for which he was vice-president, and the New York Stock Exchange Administrative council, where he was the president for two years in the late 90s.

Slim has not only had great success within the stock exchange, he sponsors the Formula OneSauber team and there were rumours in 2008 that he was interested in buying the Honda team.

Carlos Slim Helu is clearly very successful, in business, personal and philanthropic areas. It is clear to see why this man has made his way past Bill Gates, I only wonder, "but for how long?"

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