The richest person in Pakistan is Mian Muhammad Mansha. The business man is the owner of the Muslim Commercial Bank and has the sum of $2.5 billion to his name, quite modest when you compare it with the wealthiest people in the world today, placing 937 in the list of Forbes richest people in the world.

Born into a wealthy family, Mian Muhammad Mansha was given a privileged education in business at an elite London university, after which he became involved in his family's business. Mansha also expanded business within the textile industry.

Mian Muhammad Mansha also conducted business in the supplying of water and power. The profits made in early business ventures lead to his achievement of acquiring the Muslim Commercial Bank. His textile mills are still dominant in the market today.

Mian Muhammad Mansha shows concerned for his country, viewing the importance of democracy in order to keep extremists at bay. He has grown up in a culture that does not give women freedom; he has memories of his sister having to duck down while riding in a car as a child. Mansha has however observed a positive change in Pakistan, and that military intervention has decreased.

There has been some political scandal involved in the privatization of Mian Muhammad Mansha, although it does not seem to have shaken him. Mian Muhammad Mansha's maintains interests in agriculture. He is married with 3 sons and is currently 65 years of age. Mansha is a well rounded individual and is level headed when it comes to both business and issues within Pakistan.

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