The richest man in South Africa is the chairman of De Beers's diamonds, Nicky Oppenheimer. With a net worth of $6.8 billion, this diamond trader has involvement in companies such as Anglo America and Diamond Trading Company. Nicky Oppenheimer made the decision in 2011 to sell him and his family's 40% shares in De Beers.

Once the film, 'Blood Diamond', directed by Edward Zwick was released in 2006, Nicky Oppenheimer had to answer to accusations of the moral issues involved in the diamond trading business in Africa. In response, he mentioned that it is in Africa's best interest to gain financial interests in order to gain stability.

Nicky Oppenheimer considers handouts to Africa offensive, making statements against charity towards Africa such as that the country isn't there to make people from other parts of the world, "feel good about themselves".

Spending time both in London and Johannesburg, Nicky Oppenheimer speaks on behalf of Africa to the western politicians, and according to Oppenheimer, other Africans agree with his opinions.

Nicky Oppenheimer considers himself to be fairly laid back and does not see himself as an elite businessman. Johannesburg born, Oppenheimer gained an education in politics, philosophy and economics in England.

It is difficult to conclude whether or not there are questionable ethics involved in Oppenheimer's participation in the diamond trade in Africa, as most of what is written about Oppenheimer is based on his own statements and opinions. The blood diamond trade is a very real concern in Africa and I hope that Oppenheimer is not involved in that side of the trade.

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