The golf player Tiger Woods used to hold the title of richest sports player, however this is no longer the case. Forbes has labeled the boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. the highest paid athlete. Mayweather's pay is astonishing. Spending hardly any time in a boxing ring, only fighting two times in one year, Mayweather earned $85 million.


Surprisingly, Floyd Mayweather Jr. thinks that it was his grandmother who first predicted that it was possible for him to gain a career in boxing. He started training in boxing as a child, and eventually planned to get a job to subsidise his family's financial shortcomings, which were quite desperate at times. His family encouraged him to continue to fight and not to worry about work.

I guess Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s grandmother was right, and the risk of encouraging him to fight instead of find a normal job to pay the bills paid off. Mayweather is an Olympic medalist, as well as a serious fighter who has won a huge string of championships in various weight categories. It is clear that he has been extremely successful throughout his boxing life.

The honours and awards Floyd Mayweather has received are remarkable; he has been consistently praised for nearly 20 years. He has also made comebacks in the fighting world, showing that he has not lost his edge. It's no wonder he is earning so much money, but it is surprising that Mayweather doesn't need to fight frequently in order to do so.

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