If you haven't done it yet, it's high time to plan your budget for the holiday seasons. You should start buying gifts and decorations and you should also plan the Christmas dinner. Don't forget to also budget money for the Christmas crackers. You might think that these are inexpensive and you donít need to set aside separate money for them. It might be so, but, if you want to, you can spend a small fortune on Christmas crackers.

Christmas crackers are a tradition in the United Kingdom, Ireland and the Commonwealth countries. They are actually pretty small tubes wrapped in festive paper which are meant to be pulled by two people. In fact, Christmas crackers are used just like a wishbone. When they are split, they make snapping sounds. The person who gets the biggest part also keeps the content of the tube. It is also possible for both participants to keep their "share" of the tube. It is a nice and fun tradition which usually takes place at the Christmas dinner or during parties. The contents of the Christmas crackers are inexpensive items such as small toys or even trivia written on small pieces of paper. Implicitly, the Christmas crackers themselves are inexpensive and come in sets of three up to twelve. Sometimes children make homemade Christmas crackers from tissue paper and empty tubes from toilet paper rolls.

Most Expensive Christmas Crackers

Nowadays the consumerism has reached our souls and we literally spend fortunes during the holiday season. Even the insignificant Christmas crackers can make a hole in your pocket if you choose to forget tradition and go for some extravagant items. For instance, last year Harrods put on sale Christmas crackers which cost over $2.000. They were nicely arranged on a replica of the London Tower in the wonderful Christmas World that the store put up for the holiday season. You think this is extravagant? What about paying over 10.000 pounds for a set of Christmas crackers? You are probably wondering what's so special about them and what's wrong with popping ordinary crackers at completely affordable prices. Well, the above mentioned set contained five coins made of 22k gold. They could have been bought at the Royal Mint in Cardiff and they were definitely something special.

It is amazing how many overpriced items can be sold during the holiday season. People are more inclined towards spending money in this time of the year. There is a significant market for expensive Christmas decorations, Christmas trees or even Christmas crackers because even the richest of us have to spend their money somehow.

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