Know about the world’s topmost rich people

The richest people in world have lot of wealth than any other person. In the world there are 2000 billionaires and it is increasing day by day. Across the world many business magnates are growing rapidly in wealth and there are many competitions among them. The list keeps changing because there cannot be the same type of income for everyone every time. When one gets a good turn over automatically they would be in the top in the list. Few people have grown independently and few would inherit the wealth from their ancestors. Here is the list of top rich people in the world.

  • Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos is currently the world’s top richest person owning a wealth of $160 billion. He is 54 years old and a resident of Seattle, Washington. In the recent past he has grown up to a great level and made a rise above Bill Gates. He has become the first rich man in the list. Among the several rich people in the world, Jeff has become the top of all and he is the only centi-billionaire in the world now. He possesses the ownership of Amazon, the very famous online product website. Jeff established Amazon in 1994 and now it is the trending e- commerce site. Apart from his job, he is interested in space travel and he is working to improve the space technology.

  • Bill Gates

Bill Gates is the second richest person in the world with a net worth of $97 billion. Previously he was the first richest person before Jeff occupied the position. The wealth he earned is mostly through his technology. Together with his wife, he is running a charitable trust named Bill and Melinda Gates foundation which is a largest in the world. They are working to improve the lives of many people. He is 62 year old American residing in Washington and the founder of Microsoft. He is a self -made billionaire and has investments in stocks and shares.

  • Warren Buffet

Warren Buffet is the third richest man and he owns a net worth of $84.2 billion. He is one among the successful investors in the world. He is 87 year old and it is said that he has invested in stock when he was at the age of 11. He controls Berkshire Hathaway a large company and it has 60 sub companies in it. He is a philanthropist. He always had a desire to help other people and so he has said that he would donate 99% of wealth towards charity.

  • Mark Zuckerburg

Mark is being recognized as the CEO of Facebook and he owns a value of $61 billion and he is one of the top rich people in the world. Mark Zuckerburg is graduated from Harvard University. He is a resident of California. He created Facebook when he was 19 years old and today it is the most used social networking. He is the young billionaire and gives out most of the income towards charity.