Should You Accept A Job Offer That Isn’t Perfect Now?

It takes a little time and effort to find a job, especially considering the time it takes to develop a resume, find an online place of work and the time it takes to prepare for work. And the interview process. – Regular interviews with several recruiters and hiring managers. After spending so long, I found out that what you started was not what you wanted or what was announced. What happened? You can opt out early or select a small amount and continue to play this role until you find a replacement, which means you have to start over the process again.

As a professional coach and educator, I find that there are usually two possible explanations. The first question is related to the situation in which the person is looking for work, and is truly surprised to find that the real work does not look like the work he asks for and accepts. This is usually due to insufficient research when looking for work and/or not asking the right questions during the interview process. The second explanation involves a person who accepts a job that he knows is not a good combination and wants to convert it into something else in time. For example, they have more experience than the job (job in samui) they need, but employers only compare them to the work of beginners. Or this person accepts a beginner position, which requires less qualification than before and hopes to act quickly within the company.

No matter why a person is in a position they didn’t think of or want, waiting and expecting work to improve can be very frustrating for the company’s internal progress. That’s why I always recommend that a person accept a job only if he is willing to do his job according to his or her current wishes and does not want anything to happen. Will change in the near future, or if she thinks she can progress. . Beyond the current short-term status. because? Because there is no guarantee that the new employer will have the same opinion or willing to make changes immediately. The only aspect of your career that you can control is the action you take. To make the best decisions, you need a clear goal and plan.

The role of expectations and perceptions

The economic situation makes it difficult to find jobs in many sectors and/or is highly competitive. This means that interviews can be very difficult and new jobs are more difficult to obtain. Understandably, it is difficult to find a job after someone has been looking for a job, even if it is not desirable. But starting a new job in this situation means that over time, you will be aware of reality, feel happy in a short time, get into trouble and fall into a job you don’t want, or you will be surprised to find out the situation. It is possible to improve. Regardless of the actual outcome, in addition to finding the right candidate for your career, accepting a job requires checking your expectations before accepting a job offer and collecting your opinions after you start. .

When looking for a job, you need to clearly define your expectations. Determine your expectations for your work, including the minimum requirements you are willing to accept in terms of duties, salaries and other benefits. The expectations you set must also be realistic. This means that you don’t want to work causing any other factors because there is never a guarantee. You may want to consider the expectations of future employers. When an employer hires someone for any reason, it is expected that the new employee will accept the position and be ready to perform the required tasks. Employers rarely hire someone and want to be able to leave their jobs quickly. You can expect more than one new job, but if your expectations don’t match your employer, you may have difficulty. This also led to the perception. If the new employer realizes that he or she is starting to wait longer, he or she may be considered a threat or worse from the start.

Establish a career goal

Every time you accept a job, you can only rely on a certainty, that is: Finding a job does not meet your expectations. You can accept an imperfect job (job in samui). Be sure to understand why you accept it and what you intend to do for your career.